Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Good Night, 2019!

Whereas last year felt to me like a time of great harvest, 2019 felt to me like a year of hard work and hard decisions. It was not without its accomplishments - I wrote, recorded, and edited more than 20 new audio commentaries, roughly 60 new blog entries, several new articles and essays for Quentin Tarantino's New Beverly Cinema blog (some actually written at Quentin's request), the Foreword to Tanya Constantine’s memoir OUT OF MY FATHER’S SHADOW, and also added a second Saturn Award and two new Rondo Awards to my mantel. In the midst of all this (with some days off for general sloth and other days dedicated to feeling either hopeless or uninspired), I also managed to complete my MAN WITH KALEIDOSCOPE EYES novel, finish the first draft of my 1960s Joe Sarno book (its polishing is already underway), and take an important step toward getting my long-neglected novel THE ONLY CRIMINAL finally into print. Last but certainly not least, I also managed to set up the groundwork to protect my musical collaborations with dear Dorothy Moskowitz Falarski and stream the first of them (“Merry Christmas Anyhow”), which has been a very special joy.

So as this busy year ends, the stage is somewhat set for a happy harvest next year. I did not leave myself much time to attend to physical maintenance or personal relationships, which I regret and hope to amend in the coming year. 

Other 2020 plans include seeing my Nick Cave-inspired novella and soundtrack into print through PS Publishing, finding a publisher for my Sarno book(s) and starting work on the second volume, and hopefully doing some work toward a new novel. In a sane world, all of this would constitute a full plate but bills must be paid, so my first priority will be the stack of exciting new audio commentary assignments already awaiting my attention. 

Thank you all for your interest, attention, and support of me and this blog these past twelve months. Wishing all of you and yours a safe, productive, and loving New Year! And as always, "responsibrate celebly" tonight!

(c) 2019 by Tim Lucas. All rights reserved.